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If you can tell us more about any of these radios, then please do! If you have a radio you would like our visitors to look at and hopefully identify, then let us know!
What is it?
What is this?Jonathan Warburton-Brown is looking to identify this one,, so am I!

An Unusual Request

Holly writes, The radio in question appeared in the 1954 movie "Susan Slept Here" with Debbie Reynolds and Dick Powell. It is aqua colored and has a large white dial, I've attached a photo of it. Any information you could provide about it would be much appreciated (make, model, year). Thank you for your time!
Film Radio
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Attached is a jpg image of a pre-war Defiant radio we used to own but gave away many years ago. I've been looking for another one for many years without success. The problem is I don't know the model number. Can anyone help?
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Brain Hill writes, 1920s TRF Blair Radio Receiver, it does not have a model number but it is in excellent condition and has a low serial # of 64. Do you have any idea of what it is and who this Co. was?
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The front top and back panels are steel whilst the ends are alloy castings. The steel looks as though it was covered with leather effect cloth material and there is a triangular 'bronze effect' brass escutcheon with the controls on the front (sloping part) of the panel. There are two windows in the escutcheon through which you can read the tuning 'drum style' dials. There is a switch marked LONG-OFF-SHORT, and a VOLUME (reaction?) control too.

Click the Image for Close Up and Inside View
Info to Dave Bullock,
A684 Chris,, is looking for more about this Murphy A684. He says, I guess it would be late mid to '50's as it covers VHF but is valve rather than transistor. Any future info readers can provide would be welcome. It's not restored or for sale, by the way!
Jeff Staken, writes, I am seeking some information on a crystal radio made by Audiola Radio Co of Chicago, Illinois. Any information would be appreciated.
Steve says "There isn't a mark on it anywhere except for the number "1335" burned into the back of the cabinet (à la Silvertone). Unique features are a "skyscraper" grille, compass dial on the right, and a tuning meter on the left (not an eye but a backlit pointer). It has five tubes: 6A7, 6D6, 75, 42, and 80." If you can identify this radio please contact Adams Unknown

Tim asks about age and value of this?
The Label on the front of the attached Radio says Abbotwares A label on the back says Abbotwares Radio Model No.Z477 Superheterodyn Receiver.The statue is marked C.P.Omanelli.
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