Mystery Radios

Can you tell us what it is?

If you can tell us more about any of these radios, then please do! If you have a radio you would like our visitors to look at and hopefully identify, then let us know!
What is it?
What is this?Jonathan Warburton-Brown is looking to identify this one,, so am I!
French Radio
Bob Balser is looking for info on this one,

Bob is looking for the year and country of origin of this Philco,

james schaefer, would like any info on this one! Click the picture to see the inside

James is also looking for a full picture of this to aid restoration
Edward Jones says, "I have recently discovered an Etronic ETA 7319 radio that appears to work! Does anyone know how old it is and what sort of value is it?"

Brad says "The only thing i know about this set is that it is a GE Model #254. I really need to identify it..." email to

Bob Balser is looking for info on this one, Its a LW.MW.SW radio. Has a Collaro 78rpm auto changer in the base. No markings at all on the cabinet or chassis.
Trivia Quiz: What was a coherer?

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