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Portable Pleasures

Portable Pleasures

This happy snapshot shows a group of listeners in the South of France, and the portable set which keeps them in touch with home news.

Handy Tip Rejector
A handy tip Eliminator
Ever Tried This

One of the best ways to heat a soldering iron is to use a bunsen burner. A stand can be improvised quite easily, the rest for the iron being a piece of brass or copper strip fixed to a tin box. We don't say it's elegant, but we do say, from experience, that it simplifies soldering by heating the iron quickly and cleanly.

The 5/- "Brookmans Rejector"
Extremely easy to Build

Here we see the completed rejector - a simple coil, a fixed condenser, a small pre-set variable and there you are! Build it today and enjoy radio to the full.

Technical Corner

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS? Even an experienced constructor sometimes get caught. A reader who had made a dozen or more sets built a handsome cabinet four valver (H.F., Det., 2 L.F.), using components and batteries that had al given satisfactory service, but he could only hear one station, horribly distorted and weak.
As everything in the set had been working before, he suspected a silly wiring mistake, but on checking by the blue print he found all connections appeared OK. It took an entire evening to find the fault, owing to its simplicity. Can you guess WHAT WAS WRONG???

News Just In

The BBC are under fire for refusing to broadcast Sir. A Conan Doyle's talk on the supernatural!

A 17 years old Japanese fan has been authorised to open a private radio telegraph station in Tokio - it is said that with his S.W. gear he can communicate with all parts of the world

Trivia Quiz: When did Radio Caroline first broadcast?

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