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Identify the junk to win our quiz

A Quick Multi Choice Quiz Multi Choice - Instant Answers!

Can you answer all six quiz questions? Just for Fun!
Winners enter the hall of fame.

Who will be first to score a perfect 6?

Question 1 What is this?    
What's in the tin?
Think Hard Now!
Question 2 Which year was the valve or tube invented? Question 3: Who made this? Question 4: What would this circuit do?
  Question 5: What did this do? Question 6: In which decade did this appear
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Hall of Fame

Winner to date, Lorne Clark with 6 out of 6
  1. Jonathan Hill Five Points
  2. Peter Baxter Five Points
  3. Nigel Taylor Five Points
  4. Sam Gray Four Points
  5. Howard Holden Four Points

Score four points or more to add your name here!

A Quick Multi Choice Quiz Multi Choice - Instant Answers!

Trivia Quiz: For what did the abbreviation B.B.C FIRST stand for?

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