Radio Bygones

Editor: Geoff Arnold

ISSN 0956-974X

Radio Bygones is a vintage radio magazine published in the United Kingdom. The first issue appeared in 1989 and new issues are published every two months.


The quality of the publication is outstanding with every part of the magazine reaching the very highest standards, the layout is clear, the text is error free, the content interesting and varied and the photographs are generally outstanding. Radio Bygones sets standards that not many small readership specialist publications manage to come close to.


The magazine usually runs to 32 or 36 A4 sized pages with a glossy colour cover adding four more and it is here that colour photographs are carried.

The front cover carries a photograph related to a particular issues content whilst the other three pages show "Museum Pieces". The photographs are taken by the editor Geoff Arnold the content is varied, covering a whole range of vintage radio subjects. The pictures have excellent clarity and are printed well on the glossy paper.


The content covers both military and domestic radio receivers. Typical articles may include technical articles on equipment, restoration as well as historical articles. Regular features include a readers letter section, news and events and advertisements including free readers adverts. The adverts do not dominate the publication and in themselves provide useful reference material for the enthusiast.

The magazine is available by subscription, rates for the UK and overseas are available from Radio Bygones.

Disclaimer: All opinions my own. I have no connection with Radio Bygones.

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