Old Radio Sets

By Jonathan Hill

Published by: Shire Publications Ltd

ISBN: 0-7478-0219-X

This small British book first published in 1993 has 32 pages and is a useful short and inexpensive guide to Old Radio Sets and the history of British radio. It has a card cover, many black & white photographs and illustrations accompany the text.


The book covers,

  1. The pre-broadcasting era
  2. The nineteen twenties
  3. The nineteen thirties
  4. The nineteen forties
  5. The nineteen fifties
  6. The nineteen sixties


The guide manages to pack a great deal of content among its 32 pages, there are also 56 images and together a comprehensive and concise guide to the history of radio is formed.

The title suggests this is a guide to just Old Radios but the text covers the history and development of radio and broadcasting too.

In my opinion an excellent concise and good vale guide to the history of British broadcast radio. Particularly suited to the newcomer or those with few existing books.

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Disclaimer: All opinions my own! DJS

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